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The Name Of The Creator In The Original Ancient Hebrew Pictographs
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The Name of our Heavenly Father was omitted from our English translations, and even the Hebrew names that contain His Name within themselves, have been masked by "Jeho's" and "iah's".  One is amazed to find how many Hebrew names there really are that contain the shortened Name of Elohim, YaHu.

Here's a little trick...

Most of the time, when you see a Hebrew name that ends with "iah," such as in "Benaiah," then it's actually the shortened Name of Elohim, YaHu.  Therefore, "Benaiah" would actually be pronounced "BenaYaHu."

The same goes for when you see "Jeho" at the beginning of a name.  "Jehoshua" would actually be pronounced "YaHushua."

Most "Jah's" that you see in our English translations are also the shortened name of Elohim, "YaHu" or "YaH."  The word "HalleluJah" is a good example.  It is actually pronounced "HalleluYaH."

By using this trick, you can pronounce, fairly accurately, just about any Hebrew name that contains "YaHu."


Delaiah = DelaYaHu

Jehosheba = YaHusheba

AmarJah = AmarYaHu
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